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Jenae. 20. Bay Area, California. Gemini. Fashion Blogger. Wander Luster. Not to mention, Boy Band and YouTuber obsessed.
wanderers. ig & twitter: @jenaeistoday


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Top 3 phrases that’ll create sexual tension

  1. "Make me",
  2. "oh really",
  3. "is that so"

"prove it"

"What’s in it for me?"

"Wanna bet?"

"Scared, Potter?"

(via literallyintentional)

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🔳 The 1975 🔳 In other words, a perfect night.
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me:  *done with everything except my homework*
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elementarymydeartwat asked: *hate*

I knew this was inevitable.

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Everything you love is here
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Utrecht, Netherlands (by Gin-Lung Cheng)
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Anonymous asked: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 21, 23, 65, 84, 85, 86, 87, 91, 95, 98

1. 6 of the songs you listen to most?

Currently, Heart Out – The 1975, Heartache on the Big Screen – 5 Seconds of Summer, Memphis (ft. Big Sean) – Justin Bieber, Do It – Kalin & Myles, Loyal (ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga) – Chris Brown, and Just For One Day - Emblem3.

And you probably hate me now. Hahaha.

2. If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Harry Styles because he is the most out of reach.

4. What do you think about most?

A very cute and very lovely southern boy.

5. What does your latest text message from someone else say?

“I’m a mighty morphing power ranger” with the smiling sunglasses emoji.

7. What’s your strangest talent?

I really don’t think I have one.

11. Do you have any strange phobias?

Random shootings. I don’t know if it’s that strange.

21. Who is your celebrity crush?

Does a YouTuber count? Cause if so, I’m in love with Dan Howell.

23. How do you vent your anger?

Private accounts.

65. Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr.

1. elementarymydeartwat

2. fancythedrummer

3. cincodegayo

4. another-fangirl-blogger

5. lildrpepper

84. What is a saying you say a lot?

I have a few! I probably sounds really annoying too, but I usually say “swag money” and “bless.”

85. What’s the last song you listened to?

Mary (ft. Dev & Big Sean) - 2AM Club

86. Basic question; what’s your favourite colour/colours?

It’s a weird mix but I love navy, magenta, grey, maroon, lime green, and purple.

87. What is your current desktop picture?

It’s an ocean and palm trees. Really generic but it changes by the season.

91. You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?


95. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

If I can bring my brother and Tucker with me, Tokyo 100%. It’s my dream to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum and Disneyland Tokyo.

98. Ever been on a plane?

Oui oui. :)

Thanks for asking. :) I really enjoyed these ones.

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This bag is everything.
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